Sapphire Glass Rocking Cell

Sapphire Glass Rocking Cell
Sapphire Glass Rocking Cell
Product Description

The Sapphire Rocking Cell is a laboratory instrument to research and test low-dosage hydrate inhibitors (LDHI), corrosion inhibitors (KI), AA and KHI and also multi-phases. The full view polished test cells are made of sapphire glass.The sapphire test cells are completely transparent.

The sapphire Rocking cell is available in three designs.:

  • The Rocking Cell RCS2 with upto 2 test cells.
  • The Rocking Cell RCS6 with up to 6 test cells are models for small spacing, e.g to be placed in a fume hood.
  • The Rocking cell RCS 20 is a stand alone rig installation with up to 20 test cells.



  • Full View polished test cells.
  • Ball run time measurement.
  • Turbulent mixing conditions simulate pipeline conditions.
  • Long term experiments up to 30 days or more.
  • Variable and automated tests.
  • Optional Sour gas testing.





  • Product safety for deep water applications,.
  • Test of low dosage hydrate inhibitors (LDHI), corrosion inhibitors (KI), AA and KHI.
  • Multi-phase floe testing .
  • Optimization of inhibitors concentrations.
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