Rocking Cell RC5

Rocking Cell RC5
Product Description
Rocking Cell RC5 by PSL Systemtechnik is used to examine hydrate-formation and effectiveness and efficiency of kinetic and the influence of corrosion inhibitors can be tested in laboratory.The measuring principle of the rocking cell is based on the steady tilting of cooled, pressurised test cells (rocking cells).While tilting, a ball inside the camber is steadily rolling over the length of the test chamber, thereby blending the fluid-gas mixture.The movement of the ball creates strong shear forces and turbulences in the test chamber. Thus, the conditions in pipelines are reproducedDuring a test run, temperature and pressure values are recorded.Thus you can monitor hydrate formation by the pressure changes that result from forming and dissociation of gas hydrates.


  • Turbulent mixing stringent conditions
  • Long lasting experiments upto 30 days
  • Variable test settings
  • 5 movable test chambers extended up to 10
  • Separately adjustable pressure upto 200bar
  • Easy filling & cleaning


  • Examination of kinetic gas hydrate inhibitors(KHI)
  • Influence of corrosion inhibitors(CI)
  • Optimization of inhibitor concentration
  • Quality control

Note: Price may vary depending on configuration & accessories.

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